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Aman Sheikh, SISW

Aman Sheikh is a Supervisee in Social Work, with experience assisting various mental health needs within diverse populations, such as trauma, anxiety, grief, suicidal ideations, and depression. She primarily works with children, adolescence, teens, and families, between ages 4 and older. Aman is here to fit a wide variety of mental health needs and approaches mental health through a trauma-informed, person-centered, empowering, and strength-based approach. Aman is dedicated and passionate towards allowing a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for everyone to grow and progress at their own pace.

Portrait of Aman Sheikh

Aman Sheikh, Supervisee in Social Work


Hours: Call for Availability


Aman's specialties include (but not limited to) depression, suicidal ideations, grief, trauma, anxiety, and the development of coping skills. Aman has experience working with individuals struggling with trauma, peer conflict/relationships, self-harming behaviors/thoughts of self-harm, self-identity, parenting support, social cues, communication skills, PTSD, domestic/intimate partner violence, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety.

Treatment Modalities

Aman uses a combination of CBT, CCPT/IPT/TF-IPT, expressive therapy, DBT, mindfulness techniques, and talk therapy methods, based on client needs. Aman utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to challenge and process intrusive thoughts and behaviors, while also utilizing approaches such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), expressive therapy, and child-centered play therapy, as a means to identify and process feelings through a more creative lens. Aman makes sure to incorporate a safe, empowering, person-centered, strength-based, trauma-informed approach within her work with individuals and families.


  • Master's in Social Work (Clinical Specialization) (MSW)  - Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

  • Bachelor's in Social Work (BSW), Minor in Psychology - Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

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