Calming Wind Counseling Services brinda terapia para individuos (5 años o más), parejas y familias más allá de las horas regulares, incluidas las tardes y los fines de semana.


Sesiones realizadas en persona o por salud telemental.


Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, solo habrá sesiones de salud mental y telefónicas disponibles hasta nuevo aviso.

Terapia individual

Anyone ages 5 and up are able to receive one on one therapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional to address anxiety, depression, and more. 

Therapy Interns are providing Free Sessions for anyone they see.

Terapia de pareja

At Calming Wind Counseling Services our licensed mental health professionals create a safe and supporting environment to allow for healing and growth through therapeutic discussion, activities, and more as a couple. 

Community Education

Training and education programs are available to the community for topics including clinician education, first aid/CPR/AED certifications, and more.

Classroom Lecture

Practice News

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